This is an amazing project that seeks to encourage healthcare providers to engage in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship seminars are organized to assist healthcare providers to start from small health business to a large scale.

Health Zone: This is a store where healthcare providers can buy the items below and many others at a discount.
o Branded digital BP apparatus
o Glucometers and strip gloves
o Digital thermometers
o Stethoscope
o Laboratory coat
o Quality green and white material for uniforms
o Khaki trousers for male nurses / midwives
o Footwear / shoes
o Hand sanitizers
o Different colours of belts and hooks for female nurses / midwives
o Breast watches
o Branded wall clocks
o Souvenirs like T-Shirts / Lacoste

One household one BP apparatus project: Hypertension they say is a silent killer. Many people especially celebrities have died because of this silent killer. Their deaths sounded so strange to many others. We the Health Heroes believe in preventive healthcare service to save lives. Therefore this project ensures every household gets one digital BP apparatus at the most affordable price for blood pressure monitoring to detect abnormalities (hypotension and hypertension) for early treatment. This project involves massive campaign and publicity. Your health, your success. We save lives.